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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

keep breathing..

yes, I QUIT. i no work jor..

As i have or can be said i terminated my working with relatives assignments last Saturday, but, It doesn't mean i found a better one. Yaler.. still waiting somebody to call me for interviews and I realised these days I really busying in interviews, but, just ONLY interviews.


anyway, still waiting the results calling me.. haizz... what to do? I also lectured : "dON't every job u oso take, at least got a benficial compensation package one, at least got 1000 ++, you think you really work free meh, just bargain with them.. don't simply.. bla bla bla.. "

yaler.. the internship only pay an average of RM550, u wan work mou?

furthermore, that Jobstreet really not reliable..

I just don't wanna end it up teaching piano lesson.. >.<

Anyway too, thank you for all the buddies helping me finding jobs, forwading reumes (hopes he really did lar, but if bz, just ignore lar..)

haizz.. have to search job myself.. and don't fully depend on those recruitment agencies that they might help you.

At this point, just wanna raise my voice to "keep breathing" sustain until the last minute that the jobs call on you, as same as the victims in China and Myanmar, it is no way to quit in entire life. If you are still living in this world, and you realise you are not dead when u open up ur eyes, meaning you still have to keep on breathing untill the end of your life.
I have attended the graduation day of my bRos.. in Monfort, these are several pictures took..

Niasing.. still mingering i can graduate o Not..

I don't care ler.. I wan to work~~



Simple Alex said...

jobs jobs jobs... exiting yet boring...

Whateverthing Inc. said...

RM550? no way! my bangla and indon worker also get at least RM40 a day!

sien said...

adus.... it is never a bad thing to start things from bottom up. The experience u get is worth more. No one can fool you of what goes on down the ladder.

Think of it, would you work for a lousy boss who pays high OR a good boss who pays lousy? You choose...

spookygrace said...

simply alex: Yaler.. what to do.. no money run own business oso.. we all just human lor..

whateverthing inc: ya la.. tat's y. we also need to eat rice one..

sien:but still hav to take risk.whether the company let you "experience" so easy o nOt. my fren worked internship b4. everyday routine was just "stapling". I don't think this call "experience" lor..