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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

today's want-to-do

A very good morning. Honest, I still havent' brush my teeth.. wakakaka

Just felt like sleep a lot from yesterday on wards..

Anyway, They call on me yesterday.. Whether to go Yeo hiap Sing.. ?? Don't ask me further. I am thinking, and yet, think till the interview day and see how's it.

I gonna do a lot of things today.. I don't wanna waste time. My messy desk always make me moody to study for the exam. arrggghh!! Must tidy up..

  • take bath+shower with a brand new floavour kind of fragrant shower gel
  • change me a new golden fabric for my piano.
  • tidy my desk, prepare notes on top
  • call someone let them noe whether i gonna work
  • iron clothes
  • boild the porridge dono for how many days, check whether it is still safe to consume
  • clean the toilet. Today rosemary flavour or rose buds flavour? may be put the jasmine one.
  • pom pom Oscar, and cut off his stupid ugly long hair.
  • organise my closet.
  • study study study..
  • clean my dusty computer table, wardrobe++++++
  • sweep sweep sweep..
  • quarell with my brother..
  • alter my blog. update. make it more attractive... **
  • download songs
  • watch 27 dress..
  • eat and sleep
  • tomorrow might go for a ride on rapid kl. see whether i am brilliant enough to get to the place.

yES tat's it! ^^


Simple Alex said...

oh well.. looks like today you're gonna take rapid KL.. careful okay.. and good luck!!

Rabbit said...

u got more than 24 hours in a day isit?

spookygrace said...

simple alex: yeah, I got a ride.. it is not very far either but maybe quite unsafe..

rabbit: may be one day i got lor. now i don.. =P