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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Supposed to be relaxed.

After two days of examination, erm.. avoid asking me how was it, I know it won't be very satisfy that What-I -Wrote.. ggrr! ~ Anothing thing happened that made me quite dulan on it. It is really Dulan. avoid saying it lar, people will think that I very not kind enough and small-gas kind. But, It is still have to take concern on this, and I do believe that this might happen to many people out there, this might be a lesson.

The first day exam, yer.. Very headache, and, after it, I think my hand lost control and shaking while all the time when my papa drove me home. It was sooooo painful.. I would like to demand and prefer to have aural test lor.. Not enough time, and rushing to write, might cause my hand and fingers swolen. TNS . Why everytime's exam also makes my hand so suffer, I gonna consider an insurance package on it..

And I felt and it smell so smelly on that day when I was sitting on my exam desk. TNS. Who organised the seats. ??!! It was so smelly lor.. wanna know why?? The incident was like this..>

Then you know why lar??... I was surrounded by shits around me.. Don't you smell it too? ggrrr!!

Have had the presentation... foo... Relax... Yet get to work....

I really did spend my holiday with meaningfull jobs.. Like Sleeping, Eating and onlining.. Great right? and a very active forumer..

I have no point why+how come they arrive such quick to set it up. The buffet dinner would be on last Saturday, and thEy came on Wednesday. Does it very annoying and inconvenience.. ?

Things to do:

  • open account

  • transfer from Public Bank

  • Call someone

  • buy Formal dress

  • Work on letters

  • Work on brochures..

1 comment:

Simple Alex said...

hehe... so jealous u got holidayzzz... grrrr.. i cant even get a decent rest these days... =P