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Thursday, June 05, 2008

A rise of 100%

Woke up quite early today because you did see my lists right? keke..

My watch is stating 1.26 am now, and I am yet blogging at this NOW time. Waha, do't appraise me to being so tension to blog ya. I very hardworking one Ok.. keke

I did go to banks, and firstly is to Public bank in Kuchai Lama to withdraw big amound of RM200.. *sorb sorb. Still left little amount inside. And my next would be the Maybank to open my new account that acquired. I thought that I can done all these by today.. YES! TODAY! the feller came to me and say:" Miss ah! Your IC here is stated in Seri Kembangan, if you want to open account you have to follow to the nearest location.."

me: ""££%$^$%^*&%*^&(^&(^&%^$"

me:" Y other banks don't need? Why last time no need?"

Staff:" er......"

me:"Bandar Kinrara can ah?"

Staff:" er.. Puchong Cannot, because your IC is in Serdang, Serdang has many branches there.. "

me:" =.=" No choice, waste my time only...

No time to waste further..

Straight to our next destination for e-box karaoke and buy in whole LOT of formal clothes.

We both enjoy the happy hours inside the dark cold room. But unaware what is happening outside the heavy rain and stupid taxies are increasing their stupid price caused by the sudden hike of fuel price.

Me and Honey was sooo enjoy.. waha!

this is a superb big wedding cake. It consists of my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. *cough cough, not my wedding k..

A spaghettie from E-box. This is the only choice to save time and price in E-box. It proves it is DARK! .. But it doesn't go into my nose though..

A fever of oil price hike. TNS . still have no idea why the government still so not aware after the election day, Really thought they will act wiser this time. The thing is worse than ever...

A total expenditure after my shopping. Spent total of almost RM200... OMG..


A rising fuel price already a fact in our community. But what to do, when you met a very moron that suddenly says " eh, tomorrow ah! you should left your house already know! I want to develop your house area" how do you feel then? And actually, the moron too has its own piece of land to develop, there is no point why and how come the moron will still unsatisfy with its own piece of land, and ask the owner to move, to utilise the land.

As similar to the petrol price. There is unclear of messages, very unconvincing and non-logical.

The government says that the increase of petrol price because it is to overcome the burden of government that subsidies. But, as the international oil price is increasing too, the country's oil followed to profit too. It is a sudden hike without any preparation, just like what you teachers tell you: "oi! after this, exam ah! "

this is not a proper way either they are not qualified to decide since the politic situations are not covered.

Think the future rather than increase price and prices. What about the crisis? Food crisis? What if we as too happen like what happened in China? What if.. and many kinds of What if...

Thinking increasing of fuel price is only a way to overcome everything? What about the people? What about the Electric? The followed prices? The CPI ? the rich and the poor? and many many things to be considered? No?

If you have a very convincing statement to prove that you are doing the right thing, and please too prove you are using the right way to do it...

1 comment:

Simple Alex said...

haih... all we can do is sigh.. dunno how they plan la.. sooner or later our country will produce more crime rate coz our money getting harder to earn... MONEY ROOT OF ALL EVIL.. then more and more ppl desperado to go "EARN" money...