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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

nah~~ WHO SAYS i No blog~~i brog lor...

ok lar.. who says i no blog. I no disappear ok. I really very the super the busy one lor ... sometimes.. you dono my work.. making me want to die oni. If got time. spend to gai gai is more shiok then blogging.. (*stop scolding me k..)

Ok lar. Want me tell you interesting stories not? wait.. My birthday present leh? My birthday you all no send me some presents one ah? Ok lor.. then no stories lor..

Who says i stop jek.. See. Now already 11.oo pm. Yet i still typing post, really mmn-wah-tak. but Still have to care about me mar. I work very san fu one lor..Somemore after tomorrow onwards no more car pool.. I have to pool myself. Have to take bus. Have to depend my papa to carry me from bukit jalil to Pj. yam-gong... filing all the time and most time in office situation of spookygrace appears.. "Blur~~" somemore have to take bus go home. Then at that time dono spend how many hours. Worrying pick pockets. Crowded lrt.. tat makes me more "stick-line"

To be honest. At these precious time, I really learnt a lot. First thing is to learn how to cry, especially it is the emotion of, you really don't know what you cried for. And may be you will ask :" why you cry jek.. " .. me:" sorb sorb..... I don't know wor.. "

I think qiong yau should ask me to some audition and take me into acting lor.May be i can become one crying star one day.. Crying no easy OK..

Secondly, is how to think what people is thinking, and yet the thinkings lead to your think. Meaning you think what people think. Then you add another additional thing in your own think lor.. understand.. Then the conclusion of it is.. thinking+crying. That is because, you think and have thought that not supposed to think, and wrongly think..

Whatever lar.. I understood it. Just feel it and got it. I think everyone would have the sense of the thinking mind one. Why I think too much har? You know ler. Inside office everyday filing and data entrying, bored of the Mp3, what you should do is to think something stupid lar.. Sometimes it is not stupid though., it might really useful one day in my life. Pei pEi, be calm, be cool and the world treats you right. Thinking is wonderful, may be... you can find the truth.

Thirdly, is to "tahan", sustainable is an ability of one. No matter it is physical, mental or emotional, normally when you will feel pain. Sometimes also sustain and tahan a bit lar when you go toilet.. Similarly, if you refuse to tahan until you reach the loo, everything will come out automatically...

Simultaneously, as in your life. Very hard to explain and describe. Sometimes you just have to feel, touch, experience and learn the skills of '' tahan" .. I think the view of your mind point will be very beautiful too..

Special dedication to persons who leave us.. *Mariah's Bye Bye..
"bye bye" are the precious words to inform someone that might be met one day..

bye. Lilly..Ong lai.. and Wai po.. and Popo.. whoevery happying in paradize..

muakzzz.. nite everyone..


Ashleyteng said...

walao the song ByeBye take my tears away leh... scare to listen that song when i'm sad...

Simple Alex said...

mai ah ni kek tong wor... relax relax.. =)