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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Just watch The Incredible Hulk last Firday. Nah... Not so willing in watching those fiction and scientific movies. But, really willing to attend some movies entertainment. Cause. I long time no go for Movie liao...~~~

But, for me, the Hulk was made me quite disappointed. As same as the first one. I can't believe that I can fall asleep in the middle. The whole movie has no plot.. and very confusing plots. But, very amazing Mexico's places. That's the only thing I like in this movie.

I really don't understand that why the Iron Man appears as a ke-le-feh lastly.


Yinsi Yat said...

Watch Kung Fu Panda lagi best lah. Laughed till you drop!! Muahahaha

ashleyteng said...

let me tell you why, i'm quite sure that the next episode gonna be the story of the combination of iron man and the hulk ;)

cbenc12 said...

hmm.. wonder if i should watch or not..

Simple Alex said...

aiyoyoyo... no wonder la.. i tot why no news from you... i link ur RSS and its not showing up in my blog... kekekeke... ohhh!!! watch movie never call me.. eh eh.. batman lai lai lets go... =)