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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life in complication

You might not understand. And, you might understand. Do you understand? Does it complicate. Problem solvings are easy to be done, as well, for any inner outer problems.

Who might solve my complication?

Am I think too much?

I admit I am. But, I refuse to say thinking too much is bad. "Think Too Much" sometimes helping a lot to solve my families' problem. Where my dad use to agree with me.

To be Honest. Honestly says, I am happy that I am seeing who am I now. I am happy that I not even cried a single tear when I quarell with my father. I respect him as much that I can, however, you will not always respect whoever that not respect you. I have a very polaristic thinking with my dad. And, I think it is a good thing, it is a fact. Because, plus, I got myself developed.

After working for these entire three months time. I realise what I am studying now has no relation in my future working experience. It is too technical , and, I am too educated. You don't expect a person full of knowledge to work in a technical work, include interpersonally. That is what had happened with my dad.

After studying in college, I started to appreciate, and after working, I started to realise. Appreciate that what I am getting now which absolutely might not get in local universities. I am happy that I have been growing up my mind, thinking you and me, the public and communities.

I realise, getting flying colours, whatever results u got in schools, As, first class, 4.0. SOmetimes it is hardly to be measured, to be judged and allocate. During the secondary schools, I vomit whatever I memorised and got As that lead me to become a partial scholar. But, what I realise, that actually I am not worth to be a scholar. And, the college judges a person ability by looking at the form five results, that what I have vommited out. The skills and ability to vommit out whatever cramp in your brain.

That is what you will working in your future career. Getting flying colours but not applicable. Getting flying colours is a waste if your brain is still remain at six years old. An open-minded person like me, currently, I think those results are all bullshits, your parents comparisons you with others shows them how childish and immature they are.

I am proudly to say, I am lucky that my parents have been giving at least 80% supportation, for me to college, and not local universities. I understood, it costs a lot, but it is worth more than that. If not, I am not brave and dare enough to have such loud voice debate with you all, and I don't even have the chance to influence my family members. If not, I am not even develop my mind, and it remains at six years old.

The most important thing is my own development, eventhough you are claiming that I bad enough to spend your money on it. And do not even expect I will pay back in full terms. And I am proudly to say, I am always my parents' daughter, I am going to be strong, no tears ..

Just bring it on..


Simple Alex said...

Yeah... The same case here. Now that I'm working, then I realize that there are lots of things that you don't get in college.

Even I'm working on a totally different programming language here. =)

I guess what they claim is true, Learning is a Life Long process, we learn new things, every single day... =)

Yinsi Yat said...

Relax! be happy always.