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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Diary

I have such long time that I did not own a diary. And, may be it was three months ago. I stopped. Then, it was four years ago. Blog is not a diary for me. I can't shout out anything and just ramble what did I do for the days, weeks or months. However, they are similar in sense of happyness, sorrowness, complaints, arguments and dislike.

I wanted my blog acts like a diary so much.

Today, what did I do?

I attend the Monday class regularly but the lecturer was in MC. I got no idea why was the news did not come early to me and I seemed like an idiot attending classes but actually there is no one to come. I think everyone was there as seem it was the last day. It is not an official class today but just a briefing to the fucking sucks field trip which consists of 8% of report, compulsary.

I called my father to bring home and before that we went for a check up for his lauzy van. And, that is the only transport currently which uses to bring me here and there.

Later I reached back just sitting infrom my computer and starting on my pet society gaming. Fun but bored. I was so scared that I couldn't get the jobs that I applied but yet I still got the response from the agency. I slept in the whole afternoon. Was, headache, so pain. bUt, still playing with my pet game.

Yes, I did re-cook the curry chicken. Basically I think my mom's cooking is definitely a failure. I is proven. It is not tasty at all. I got no point to starve, but, just, eat it.

Night now, I can't imagine that I might become a singing teacher one day. I am teaching a friend of mine to sing. He claims that he sings not good. Wonder, I can teach online with open up my piano tutorial and singing lesson.

I got no mood to sleep. Yet, I am still pending in my CS assignment.

Waiting someone who could tell me..

Who are the designers for LV and Gucci brand ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeannie said...

U got those questions for ur assignment?!

Spookygrace said...

yeah~ some kind of strategies thingy

Jeannie said...

I found out someone.. Japanese fella is one of de designer of LV.. I'll try to find de name for u.. I'll tell u in msn..