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Monday, December 15, 2008

I know it Fails. Again.

You have no idea why am I typing this while I am having a huge heavy kind of feel on my head is aching. Shit, I even don't aware whether am I typing the right things. I got no enough sleep last night because of keep feeding my peipei pet in my facebook's pet society. You must will think to join me there.

I played fool by the problematic lecturer this morning who ensured that we must attend her class on Monday morning to that briefing but she threw us a plane. She is MC. I wonder think to get crazy and madness full of my head, rather, just don't think too much, one more month to go and I can fly away very far far far far far~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I did not receive any calls neither from the agency nor the Xerox company. I know it is a bad sign and it is now almost 1pm. I should give some confidence and pay some faith to myself. But, prediction is not that always correct. Obviously, I wanted to cry.

I can't get any posts or any jobs that I applied for. Playing fool around just to attend interviews for fun. But, not keen to hire. Where, don't just simply view jobstreet and see there are plenty of jobs that hire this and that posts. It is just a illusion, a bluff, a trick. They don't mean it. Just to ask you to attend interviews which cost time and money and energy.


I hate that... GIVE me A JOB!!


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