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Friday, December 05, 2008

I can't manage to squezz into that Bill Clinton talk.

so sad.

After a quite stupid long queu for almost 30 minutes.

QUICKLY . hand in my IC to that counter with my blurred face. @,@~~

that feller: " You gonna attend the talk with this attire or may be with your business suit?"

me: "This not consider formal meh?"

that feller: "I'm so sorry, you are not allowed with this attire."

For Sure hor, she feels very jealous on me because seems I am the youngest one for the long long queu.

Honestly, I only saw those aunties and uncles at there. The feller behind me somemore discussing with his friend when to take DBA or PHD something. I don't think an 18 year old guy will do that. Sure he already more than 25..

muahahahahha.... still very proud that I am still youngest.

>.< >.<>.<>hor

What kind of thing that I missed out, sure got something happen one. muahahahaha.... may be that I am lucky enough to escape from it..

Usually when it happen during...

"Har? today that LRT spoilt again ah? Lucky I just now actually wanna go XXX, then no go liao.."


After that I just tried my luck to kinokunia.. For what?

"Miss, saya nake cari buku...... title-nya...'TWILIGHT'"

she: " 'TWILIGHT' dah habis stock lar.."

">.<" shit~~~~

>.< ************************** Today interview was like.. har? Second round interview? Yes, If I were the one who being selected, I am called for a second round interview which conducted by Singaporeans. And, the most funniest job interview question is. "Do you have any boyfriend?"

me: "YaYa, tomorrow I might get one...."

my CS assignment postpone again..

what for?


LightYoruichi said...


spookygrace said...

lighyouruichi: " =( you are laughing because i can't get to the talk or I can't get to chance to buy twilight.. >.<''... "


LightYoruichi said...

i was laughing at this part:-
"Do you have any boyfriend?"

me: "YaYa, tomorrow I might get one...."

lol'ed me...