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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I feel Exhausted

I feel damn tired, my eyes and my brain. I feel i can't even have energy to think, my brain is like.. de-tranforming information to me eyes, my nose, my ears.....

I just have a walk from the King Crab from Kelana Jaya and to Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Then, from Masjid Jamek transit to Star Line.

Not very much standing while waiting for my dad.

I feel like I have walked for 12 km.

Yes, my leg starts aching..pain...ache..

I still have one more interview to go in this week tomorrow. And I then travel to KLCC.

OMG... I have job interviews.. It is headache and keep repeating that what I got and what I worked. >.<. I hope the following jobs interviews will be better go.

I need a break.

Anyone can bring me to Europe to travel during this winter, and to listen to ukulele...

Sicked and bored.

I need a new life to change my old one.

Search job is damn that not easy... To work in good condition, to work with good pay..

Sometimes just think to work for myself...

I am tired~


spell for tomorrow's interview.

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