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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pei Pei is busying with her interviews

Feel pleassure to attend the interviews. Yes, only interviews. But, we are in the middle of struggling for jobs, expectation says that there will be a high unemployment rate in next year. I want to prove it wrong by using my Feng Shui method.

Bluff you one lar..

Importantly is to depend, work hard, and believe in yourself. Putting on Feng Shui stuffs, the jobs would not come automatically. You might wonder what am I doing now? Blog? Yes, there are still assignments to go... pei pei!!! wake up!! do homework!!!

I feel happy of those who called me formally and politely invite me to the interviews. They are sophisticated in providing a pre-orientation for me.

And I am so hate those ... gggrrrr~~!!

Yes, I applied to agency as well, just trust that they will provide more chances for me.

First case..

"Hello, can I speak to leo pei pei?" (of course they are calling because of Jobstreet)

then asking my status and what are the qualifications somethings and personal details.

First of all, I don't think it is neccessary to ask such long questions regard of my background or what so ever. I think I have written out very clear on my CV and Resume. Can you just slightly read on it.

I understand that they might test you on your ability to speak and to hang out with conversation. But, will keep it as clear and short, candidates most probably do not speak so much untill whatever can say. For me, I don't speak much. just, I have memorised what to speak.

I am studying now and complete my final year by end of this year and get a degree. So, i only available to start work start next year january. I would like to work as a management trainee with first choice and secondly will be in the HR department and my third choice will like to work in PR or Customer Service. My expected salary will be around 2000. I stay at puncak jalil which near to puchong kinrara, I don't have my own car but I have my own transport.

"Can you tell me what is your hobby or interes?"

I like to play piano and I play more than ten years

"erm.... what do you expect if you got chance to work for us in your post?"

I can work as job rotation in many departments and to contribute that what I have learnt in my programme.

"thank you"

da..da...da... there will not be any answers that more than it, cause I will probably answer it with my robot style. I don't blow water.

the most funniest thing is. Yesterday an job agency called. And ask me one-round-intestine (yat-lun-cheong) questions. And finally, she says: "Actually I got a post of Account Executive, and I am now searching for someone to work."

Politely, clamly answered : "Oh, that is not my field, I am studying International Business but not in Account, and I would like to work as management trainee."

WTF? You did not read what I got in my resume?

I wonder that is she seriously working ah?

Today, another freaking phone from another agency as well.

She used her personal phone, not the company's.

"you are now studying?"

"where do you stay? ... I have a job near to puchong one, you can work o not? saturday oso work half day one?"

I don't like to work on saturday since there is a long working hour from Mon to Fri.

"Then I got another one at Kelana Jaya.. you can work or not?"

it is so pissing me off, I just ignore it by

" Erm.. I think it is Ok cause I already have some interviews to go.."

"then like that I withdraw your application lar."


Can it be more specific? and formal?

I think she is the one who is the agent, she got no company but act as a medium chanel.

tsk tsk tsk..

My blow water...

My name is Leo pei pei, I am still studying now, and will complete everything by 31 of December and will like to start work on January 2009. I am having my BA(HONS) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, and I have good results. i like to play piano and would like to get a degree in future, Later I will like to do my master. I will work, contribute whatever I can and guarantee can perform very well. I like to swim, blog, read and watch movies. I am not that so rich, but not very the poor.

I like to play my ukulele before I sleep....

Blow water, as much as you can..

My dad will definitely mad at me if I work for DAP. >.<

aS ..research analyst

Going for interview tomorrow, Friday and next Friday..


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