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Monday, February 05, 2007

about the first day!!!!!!!

hahaha//wonder i m doin now..i'm watchin the 007..stephen chow's...hahahahha..wahahaha...dono how to describ super funny...!!! its 11.00++pm now..feelin really sleepy!!!! but i'm not lazy to update ma blog oh!!

anyway..i'm so tired for today's school reopen day....+super duper boring+sleepy...u know what/// i really hate lecturers ask u stand up....ONE BY ONE... :"please introduce your self"... OH SHIT LA"...some more + today ..> v have to describe our own 3 characteristics..

this was happened in IBE...sigh!! :introduce yourself..:below!

spookygrace character:
  1. a gal

  2. still single

  3. normal

nah..this is ma character la ...>
lets check out todays..CLASS: is so normal as normal...ok..i'm the first that step in the class..>THE CLASS WAS EMPTY..

i was enjoying reading the yellow page..i found RAIN...ah!!!! hou yau ying ah!!!!!

JEGA came in..:

and what she thaught for.....MANAGING PEOPLE..(super boring)

haha!! the VFP!!!

today's spooky art!!!

this gal is dealing with her R*J*S..hahahaha!!!

spookygal is drinkin water

spooky's today's freak!!!!!

happy ("@") year!

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