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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

spookygrace the fortune teller!!!!hahahaha

today i'm gonna update ma blog...>this is the 3rd day of tha school open..>lets check out what the spookygrace freak!!!!

this is a nice pics ith some kind of effect!!!! ..huge pimple god!!!!

toilet freak again..dono y v like to take pics in the toilet???//

and this is our lunch break!!!!!

hahahhaha!!!i'm the future teller.....feon future husband..>>hahahha!!!the age that she'll get married..>>>hahahha!!!! let she writes her self..hahhahahahah!!!!!!(it is really funny)

this is her fortune...OK//

this is :::: spookygrace the fortune teller!!!(looks like lanci oni)__ hahahaha!!!!!!!

ok la..c ya!!!


aceone118 said...

Pei Pei the fortune teller, i wan to know how old i'll marry wor. Yr fortune telling 'chun' anot wan geh?

Rabbit said...

Haha! See la peipei. Ace also come find u to do fortune telling d after reading my blog. Can go open stall liao la u.

barouqe witch said...

what i should tell u :