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Thursday, March 29, 2007

bad house!!!

today is really sucks..

raining from day to nite, nite to day..

this happened to ma really lau yar house..

having flood in ma house..


look up there ..all water!!!gggrrr


AceOne118 said...

Why your hse flooded wan geh? I tot you stayed in one BUKIT Jalil wan? Wuahh!! If Bukit Jalil flooded then my hse 'tengelam' ledi la wei!!!!

Alex said...

dripping from ceiling.. you din know.. last time i first moved into my newly rented room.. i practically filled up 3 pails of water alone.. BIG PAIL OH!! at.. 4am!!!! and rushing my ASSIGNMENTS!!! not including the water on the floor.. WHAT A MESS!!!!!

barouqe witch said...

aceone: bukit jalil dont flood..but it floods inside ma house..=.=..means the water coming out from the ceiling lar..u watch "dark water" O not?..same as that lor..@.@

alex: having flood inside the house is really annoying.. +.+

zewt said...

honestly... cant see the water...

barouqe witch said...

zewt: hahaha.. water is in transparent really hard to c lar..
main thing is ..u feel it!!!!!!