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Sunday, April 01, 2007

things send to ma waipo..

merry cheng meng
it is the day of memo our ancestor and our passed away family..>

yesterday we just went to "shop" for what for my waipo(grand ma) n others ancestor..>

for the preparation of todaysz. "baibai". all day stay at home..coz lazy to follow them..

they have to wake up early in the morning 6.30am.. for the preparation..haha..i'm not gona go..

furthermore.. now is not the day to hold the joss-stick..coz i'm consider "dirty"( u know what i mean. in everymonth will happen once)..+ no mood for goin up the "hill"!!!!
jus too curious on what should buy for ma waipo they all and what had i seen in that shop..>

new version radio
and some kitchen accessories!!!
fridge, fan, pot with gas somemore...wah!!!!

series of mercedez somore driver oni cost rm10//
and paper made big house

shoes for "men and ladies"

paper made "tam tong"

paper made "carlsberge"

paper made for "hair treatment"..GENG..

ermm may be..dead people hobby@!!!

......teng teng......

and we chose some useful thingy for ma waipo and other ancestors!!!

shoes+dress+clothes...(paper made)

silver paper..hell money and gold...

still remember ma waipo last time liked to drink tea one..this is a femes brand tea in hell..

my waipo "diamond"

this paper made ciggarette!! for my waipo's "friends"..may be..
but remember...smoking bad for health OK...

the most proud thingy that day,..
deng deng..this one i chose one..3G handphone..dono waipo know how to use o not?
neimind lar..ask other "people" teach her use lor..
got phone..bluetooth...charger and free one MP4..HAHA..

this is the most interesting for me..
i think the malaysia airlines gonna face another threath too..
because of the competition with all airlines..
n include the hell airlines..keke

got somemore hell passport...


AceOne118 said...

Izzit dirty to blog oso since today you boiled 'hung tau sui'? wakakaka!!! LOL.

Wei-wei!! you forgot to buy Laptop for waipo la. How is she going to blog wor!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

halow spooky grace....
how are you....
thanks for visit myblog

rekomen by ace he said you alotsa
nice story

barouqe witch said...

aceone: blog of course not dirty lar..laptop kah..too high tech lar..!!!..i think "someone" should open a computer class "down there".to teach them how to use computer and update the "world" down there!!!

pisang goreng: haha..thank q thank q for dropping by> "zhau gong jiu"..!!! come more more often lar..hahaha!!!

zewt said...

they burn all these things... did they consider whether there will be electricity and petrol in hell?

barouqe witch said...

to zewt: "haha, i never been there, so i dont know..
but i think down there also kind of still developing "country"..kakaka

zewt said...

hahaha... developing country.. never thought of that.

freethinker said...

walau... handphone also got...