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Sunday, March 25, 2007

life messed..whole week!

yup.yup a week jus has gone/past.. the group messy really stuffs have over, i jus wana hope yeefong(feon) can get well soon as fast as possible..!!! yaya..the assignment question 2 also have done liao..> but there still remain some OM asignment.. that makes me "vomit"... Spinning
on Wednesday, dong xia appeared herself for giving the chapter presentation... yes she brought us pudding...
hahahaha...i love pudding sooooooo much!!!!! guess what i got 2 puddings.. !!!!! -- she asked questons and who got correct get one.!!!.. i can sacrifice anything jus to eat the pudding!!!hahahahA!!!

of course, i put it into fridge for tomorrow's tea break..!! when i oppend up the plastice cover, the juice leaked out...ants like pudding tooo!!! see how nice they make themselves to serve the pudding's juice..kakakka!!!

jus now (sunday afternoon), we got to celebrate ma waigong birthday party in SAM YAU restaurant!!!, it is in afternoon.. !! the food was nice and more worth it then "go there n wait" (hei loi tang). i strongly recommend to SAM YAU...that who decides to have dinner+meal during wedding. birthday. ! FOOD WAS GREAT!!!!


one fan wind flow..hahahaha!!!
pokok besi..hahahaha!!!


AceOne118 said...

yogurt you wan anot? my blog got alot!!! kakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!! Free one ler!!!!

Hei, wan to visit lehbit anot? my yahoo is

zewt said...

dunno if i have thank you for your kind words due to the passing of my mom. well, if i havent.. thank you for your support.

those food is so tempting.... but i am going vege for 49 days.

Alex said...

yerr... din tapau for me? pudding ler? also finish edi? share with ants summore...

barouqe witch said...

aceone: heehee!yogurt ah..not nice lar..lam bet bet like tat!!!heehee

zewt: nah!!! to be a vegetarian also good..>time will pass very fast one..>tat time you can eat whatever u like and u can eat lor..!!!smile!!!

alex: i have to answer quiz question so susah from the text book then oni can get the pudding..and i able to answer 2.jus bcoz to get ma fav pudding!!!!..
haha..the ants oni share two drops of juice on the floor..!!!kekekeke