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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my ou jeong:pavarotti!!!heehee

wanna know how pavarotti sang during he was a baby:
lets enjoy it, his very first performance!!!kakaka


aceone118 said...

Your oujeong is a baby ka? Thought it is me tim!!! (perasaan) kekeke

barouqe witch said...

to aceone:ok la, you r the one in ma "ou jeong" list!!!heehee

aceone118 said...

Wuahh!! really ar? tank Q wor!! You so good wan. I lafu you deep deep!! hee-hee-hee!!!

Alex said...

wow.. u like him? pavarotti? hes one of greatest in the 4 tenors (correct?)

barouqe witch said...

to aceone: i oso laf u very many deep!!!

to alex: yup..>i think its 3 tenors..heehee!!!