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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

all about Lily!!

this post is about lily! my pet! my friend! and always!
but one thing! she always think herself so beautiful!
and she gona be the "MISS MINI PINCH"....>

ok lar.. post someting about you to gain more people to admire you ler..!!

"yeah i know i am adorable! don't keep staring at me ok!"

i'm so hungry! where's my food!!!

"boring to be a dog!"

"pei pei! how many photos u wana take hah??"

"yeah!! my food!!"

"oi! mana u go???! don't leave me alone leh! bring me together!"

"Aware!!!! got something there!!!"

"sigh! pei pei ah!! you camwhore urself enough lar!! somemore wana take pic for me!"

my name is lily, i'm a mini pinch. My hobies are sleep,eat, bark and play with pei pei!
i think i gona win the "MISS MINI pinch because i think i more beautiful than pei pei lor!..(apa?? gggrrrrr)..

so wana know more about my life?? here is some of my life

"sigh! pei pei!!! enough!!!"

"like this pose can ah?? nice o not?"

"aiya!! fast fast ler, enough lar! wana take somemore meh! i know i beautiful! but hor, no need keep taking pics of me one!!tsk tsk tsk!!"

"nice nice??"heehee

"am i ? attractive and adorable enough??"

"eh! how i look ah?cute?? keke?"

"i am so hungry! always think of nice food!"

"look up the sky!!!! wow!!!?" "dono whether got food o not??"

she is so cute! isn't she?

before that! please check out the dictionary for the meaning of "cute"..ahaha!!!

yes! i'm a dog. the man's best friends that accompny u always!
i know i 'm noisy, but, that is the only way that i can "speak"


u better behave yourself hah! everyday bark non-stop! i rotan u!


AceOne118 said...

Why lily so skinny wan geh? You gip her ear ar?? kakaka

baroque witch-peipei said...

aceone: " this one call model's body er!"

Simple American said...

Nice doggie!!!

*scratch ears*

spookygrace the baroque witch-peipei said...

simple american:

lily:"my most beautiful part are my EARS u know!!"