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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

spooky hour!

ok ok!

now here!

spookygal recieved comment s of, spookygrace is not spooky at all!

after the first act of "the ring" that staring by spookygrace the baroque witch!

she gonna act spooky again!

this time really spooky ok!

you might don't know "who" will follow you home. Perhaps after your work, your school, or even after jus for a happy nite hour!

but who knows!

when darkness come... they come too!





You lost! the bright gona be dark! in your world!

u dare! to face!


beware of her! may be! jus beside you!

ok la ok la!....... the this spookygal sometimes oso not spooky one lar!


how is that???? HAK SEI LEI!...KAKAKA!....
can o not? i act spooky..hahaha..
can go and act "the ring 3??"...kakakka

story by "spookygrace the baroque witch"


AceOne118 said...

Alamak!!! KUI ARHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!Faitit lari kuat kuat arrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baroque witch-peipei said...

aceone:" wooowwooooo!!! lor lei meng!"

Simple American said...

So I am going to hide under my bed and eat potato chips.


spookygrace the baroque witch-peipei said...

simple american: "i'll find u under the bed and GET all your chips"