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Thursday, October 25, 2007

About my little secret

Sorry of lack of updating, and no replying for comments. I really busy on my assignmenting. Next week still more 3000 words to go, frustrating now.

But after watching "my little black book", the story really grabs my attention. It really illustrated my life, erm.. can say.. Our life..~

Sometimes you plan what ever thing in your life, and u reach your goal in future. U have planned step by step, in what stages of ages, what you gonna do.. After SPM..> College.. >Work.. bla bla.. married..

However, when you to deep into this planning thing, actually will be a failure in our life. Can't it be more nature? Let it comes.. don't plan.. And what you plan to do, actually not satisfy u at all. Let it come in sudden and be a suprise in our life is better. When you planned, there might be some obstacle to face...

another thing is your boy's secret. Do you ever ask your boy about their ex? And when you research on it, the boy that you own, may be is not belong to you at all. Aha.. you have planned so well, .."get a rich, nice, great guy.." .. He may be loves you, but he is perhaps actually not yours. This will be, you got your boy, after a research , you found out that actually he is still loving his ex.

ANd yes.. game over, will you leave, remain??? This may be his secret, but after you found out, actually you are tearing each other face... Over..

And after you realise that actually what you have planned to do has over, why don't you just start it again. And you will find that actually, you will be more happier rather than sticking to a guy.. No more relationship, also can be a better life too...

Just like me.. Cut my hair.. and start a new day..


Apple said...

Agree with you. The more you plan/dream, the more pain when you fail to achieve.

My boy is not rich, many people think I deserve a better guy (just becuz of his income and race), but boy loves me more than anyone else. nobody even care to take a look at my face when I WAS FAT THAT TIME! Now I slim liao, don't come simply flirt flirt. I'll show u my fist!

ashleyteng said...

that's your real story is it?
you have your hair cut?
nvm lar start a new life ;)if u feel happy with it