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Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Cert "ROSAK".. cry~~

i got my abrsm 8th grade cert yesterday. U think its happy thingy huh~ Really happy that i saw myself pass for it.. ^^..

My parents went for holiday, abd left me alone in this dimension house.. why?? "oi~ Take care your both sister brother har.. (lily a mini pinch and oscar a shizu)WTF and flower and plants at house... !!! anyway that heavy loading assignmenting fucking task made me no-mood-for holiday too..

they both went holiday for one week. Where am I supposed to go then??.. My aunt's house lar.. and yesterday, I reached home around 11.00pm.. First thing is to look into my mailbox.> Yeeeeessh.. all wet (because of rainy day), and all are my mom's credit card's letter.. Mumbling myself.. "where is my cert har, supposed to get it in these few days, really no tension waiting for it.. "

then i ignore..

when i got my mop to mopin' floor.. I was.. " yee.. why the gate there got one chocolate envelop one..." OH SHIT!!!! MY PIANO CERT!! RAIN!! WET!! DIE...

Yes, that stupid postman din put it into my mailbox, he jus put and BEND my cert at the gate.. fuckin stupid postman.. It wet.. no eyes see..

both my cert and result paper kena water, and the colour has changed from white to chocolate (the envelop colour)... and it looks like salten vege after i dried it with my hair dryer.. Really fuckin stupid to see all my grades cert so nice-kept, and sudeni one vege salten paper cert samo.. GRADE 8...

really die..

have to liminate it to make it more nicer TO SEE..

have to depend on that salten vege part brown and white colour(mix) CERT to look for a job.. Yer!!!!!~~~~~~ am i still suposed to be happy with my grade 8 huh??

no picture yet for it.. why? My mom took my camera for vacation lar...


Ichitaka Leingod said...

omg... that postman really kns... hope ur cert still ok!

Anonymous said...

It is possible to get another copy of that? Wow.. hope ur cert still ok too!

Actually that happened to me once too. (not piano, it's guitar.. but I'm still on the low grade) T.T

Apple said...

ya, is it possible to apply for another copy?

spookygrace said...

ichitaka: went to liminate it.. i think still can see lar.

franklin: still asking the school to get..

apple:" waiting the reply for it lor, request liao.."

Cherry said...

walao siao postman..sian one..grade 8 punya hard to get le...hope they will gif u another one.

Alex-BYtesOfME said...

I am back to listen to ur BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!