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Thursday, January 24, 2008

confusing. complicating. deciding. can't sleep...piano teaching freak.

today I jus went to an interview in Endah Parade. After the whole travel+vomit+faint in my papa's van. I reached there by very fortunate-finding-a-car park. It feels very weird that I went there with my father but not my mom. We used to shop very carzy with my mom and we are very KNOW-HOW the place is.. It is jus like our second home.. =P.

On the way to the centre.. suddenly the girl call me.. "Our principal need you bring 3 songs and play for her.." O.O i came out liao, how I gonna bring it?

seeing the principal.. She jus gave me a lecture in teaching in her centre, with all the regulations that employees have to fulfill and what a teacher should do. After it, she told me that she hires me if I able to fulfill all regulations. She tests my passion in teaching by giving me a class on Monday. If I can go, I can't stop by that. If I can't go, just bye bye.

Actually I also very pity those centre's principals, our teachers just have to teach.

First first, she is not intend and not impressed with my certs that i got. Yala, my grade oni got 5 and 8.. So?SO!! How ! Just tell me I'm in or out lar..!

Ok, the thing is not the qualification that the person has. I hope many employers do consider other facts too. Sometimes it might be very hard and difficult to find a music teacher, that not anyone can play with the skills. Sometimes it will be very easy that you are really into this field. It depends on the centre that famous or not.

the thing is.. The Rules..That really freakin me out. I can't change my time table simply but have to follow what the students do. It is 100% unlike my piano teacher. That she likes to change it from Monday to Sunday, but I jus plainly pity her that time she was just a student. =.=""
Piano 2

She even test my passion on Monday, by just teaching one student in a month. Consider averagely that you have 2-4 students in 2 months. Maybe you just get around RM100 per month. OMG how to survive with that?? but consider secondly the time, maybe you just have to teach for 2 hours in a day. Yeah. It is worth.. However, the regulations restrict me by not participate in any other centres besides working for them. Will it worth anyway?

Now, my strategy will be the long-run or the short-term. I do believe that I can make money in long-run. But in short-run maybe I just can get that RM30 per month. But I can't say that in future 3 months.

Other than that, I just have to look for another centre. Maybe it is only 2 students for me to teach, but if there is no-strict-rules to tie me up. Maybe I can be more freedom to teach happily, and maybe that will be my motivation too. But the job does not appear to me that kind of fast.


so there are two choices. I have to teach one year in commitment by follow all the rules such as wearing formal to classes, cannot change time simply, cannot participate in any company besides that. The rules will mess me up, in addition, I really do not know what my final year will going on. I know the rules stated is to build an image for the school, and to be honest, the school is quite famous to me, and the principal now considering hiring me, I have to curi-ketawa by the time..

Secondly will be, I go for another centre to give another try, I think I can able to find a very lease-lease-no-rules centre, at the same time that I can take care of my final freakin year. But it might be taking long time for me to search for it.. And it won't be a better location anyway. And I am now thinking of a new environment instead of the tied-up rules.

and there are pros cons in it. I can just teach in a lauyar centre but I got no rules with it that I can teach happily and have my freedom to study my final year. OR, i am now having a chance to teach in a famous school but I might be lose my freedom and I have to be commited.

Furthermore, the rate and commision for my income are all the same. And I have to correct that what other people told me that teaching piano can be a millionare.. "SIAPA TU?? WHO SAYS TEACHING PIANO CAN EARN MANY MUCHY MONEY ONE??""

at this moment, what I interested in is performing compare to teaching where I just need to get a licsence. I teach because of my mom was so annoying that forcing me to find a centre to teach teach teach and with that I can release some burden to my father. I have to correct it that "you think with that I can earn many money meh?>!" i not even effort to pay LRT and prepaid lar.!
Piano Man

Further consideration, discussion with my parents is needed.. to work.. or not to work"""

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