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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A wedding+ A funeral

Yesterday supposed to be acted happy because I going to eat a lot in a wedding dinner. I hd taken out my dress that I gonna dress up at night, hehe... I look slimmer and confident to wear that new buy dress (I purposely went to buy dress because of that dinner ok..)

Bad News when my father got home and say.. "eh, your grandma passed away already".. My dad samo phone my mom.. "Tonight we still go wedding dinner or not har?".. =.="" Of course the funeral lar, who still want to go to that wedding dinner..

Quite mad with it actually, staring at my new bought dress and tonight have to go funeral instead of a wedding dinner. haaaiiiiiyyyyyeeeerrrr~~~

No choice, still have to go to the funeral to respect the dead. but what my mind will be "Am Dam". Nah, that doesn't that I am not feeling sadness that my grandma passed away, first of all, she already 90+ no sickness. I don't think that a people live untill they can't move, they don't even care to live, and even they want to die, will still survive in this world. I think they are intend to leave this world if they wanted to. Furthermore, this is the end of the chinese year, she chose to leave in this end, sure she got her reason...

It is unlike my waipo (mother side grandma) that the she chose to live after new year sharp after 15th of the first month. And she got her reason too, that she wanted to leave after the new year.

There is no reason for me to be sad, she is too old to live.

Another stupid phone call.. for a job interview..

Yesterday another missed call that I knew it is from a music centre. It is from puchong band puteri. First time she called me, " Excuse me Miss Leo, would you like to come for an interview by tomorrow??"

me,"oh, may I know where is the music centre from? Cause you didn't mention it on the website..?"

she," oh, we are from bandar puteri puchong, can you come by tomorrow?

me, "at this moment I am not sure that I can come."

she, "You have to let me know by now, cause I have to call another person for the interview not only you.."

me,"then nevermind, just consider I reject it.."

Damn, she just spoke in a very damn lanci voice, and I can imagine how lanci is her face was acting, where I do not know is she the boss or only just a clerk.. Call lar call lar, call others lar. And at that moment, I really fade up and don't bother it, even I wanna find another music centre, I think there are a lot more in Bandar puteri puchong, Not only you ok~

One week later....

she called me yesterday, but I missed it. Then she did not give up by contacting me by SMSing me. she din type anything clearly but jus " Would you like to come for an interview by tomorrow for teaching on saturday (only on Saturday) and we offer good package for you.."

har??? What offer good package?? I didn't hear any music centre will offer any good package in teaching but I just hear it for students learning it????...

I just ignore, "Sorry, I'm not free on tomorrow that I am only free on Monday onwards.. and where is the place and who speaking??"

She replied, "I am from bandar puteri puchong... where u stay??"

Me (oh, you are the one that day you called me), "Sorry, I can make it to puteri puchong.. bla bla bla.."

I already hating this people by hearing that day she spoke with that lan-c voice, jus ignore her..

She did not give up by busying sms-ing me, that she can provide transport for me, I only have to teach on Saturday, samo offer don't know what good package, bla bla bla bla, and if I can't make it for an interview, you can call and make another appointment one. .. bla bla bla bla..

Very shitty this kind of principal that you already rejected me early, Am I god damn stupid for waiting for your calls, sure I gonna search for another new music centre and try my chance for it, who damn stupid only apply to you ONE centre, sure I gonna spread my certs out.

Somemore, that you only need me teach on Saturday, Then, how many students you give me then..? If you jus need me teach only on Saturday, I am sure lured to search for another part-time in another centre then, would you allow me to do that so?

Anyhow, I think I should try to go for and interview and see what she says... If yes, then yes, if no then No..

aaarrrggghhh~~ Have to decide it first, somemore I already not impressed with her lan-c lan-c attitude, meet this kind of person have to be more lan-c than her..

What come to my mind is, there is sure no one willing to work for her, then she only act so damn annoy to keep on calling me, somemore can provide transport.. Got such good job or not??~~!!

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AceOne118 said...

Woah! liddat can demand high pay la wei!