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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still wanting to celebrate Chinese New Year.~

After the funeral of my grandma, planning to celebrate (how to) this chinese new year. I am not allowed to visit any houses within these 3 months. Haiizz~ I thought to buy more dresses and shoes in this season, to act welcoming the new year. Haiizz~ No use for that.

The most luckiest is still my mom, she not need to give angpau and presents out. She saves a lot of money for this, and i lost a lot of ang pau money because of this. (My father side consider a lot of relatives too.. ) Nah, just download more more movies for this holiday, shake my legs and watch finish it.

Yester-two-days just got the new time table.. Haiizz~ Have to back to school again. Still very dam-sam my exam results, cause I really feel jia-lat for all those subject. I had lost my inspiration in answering it. Prepare for the bad, feel lucky if it passed. Waahaahaa~

The finance and market subject's lecturer is still blank and filled "TBA". wHAT LAR?? Hope not those stupid lecturer gonna teach us in this module, I'll die because of it. Still no lecturer for that module? Sounds very stupid...

Raining now, and nowadays.. And till the new year day will be very Sunny+Hotty. What did I buy for my new year? Yeah, after ther operation, I am quite lucky, cause my mom keep on buying cloths for me if I wanted. Wahahaha, she scared I laugai.. Of course, I also spend my own (long-save) pocket money since long long time ago for my new year expenses. I very caution in spending money one Ok. Somemore, I won't spend like few hundreds to buy clothes everyear. The most minimum amount spent was jus RM20 for entire new year shirts.
See what I bought?
These two dresses was paid by my mom. One piece= RM 45.00 only. If you go to the boutiqe (high-class) especially in Amcorp Mall, Little black book, pyramid or even Mid-valley, the cost will be around RM100-150 per piece. RM 45 is damn cheap, somemore it is new stock. So, consumers should be very wise in buying, sometimes it doesn't mean cheap means no good and expensive will show you are high class people. My shoes bought in hot-market for RM15.00 can last 2 years. It is only how you treate you things carefully.

These 3 pieces I paid myself, one piece cost RM12.00. There are lelonged infront of HongKong express, and before 3 months, there are hanged inside and one piece of this stupid T-Shirt cost RM30 something. O.OWhat lar????!!! After 3 months it becomes RM12.00, I want 3 of them.. Wahahaha.. (Warn: HK express are not cheap for certain T-shirts and dresses, so, please buy wisely)

Both are paid by my mom, and together cost RM30.00. It is not cheap nor expensive. it will be OK lar.. they are from pasar malam.

I love the LOVE shape fake diamond..kaka

these are all traditional costume.. Purposely bought it for Chinese New Year...year-by-year..

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