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Thursday, February 14, 2008

hAPPy Valentines day.

hey hey everyone. Wishing you all having a fantastic night today. Days Days passed and today is the 8th of CNY, what should I say.. "Yer, so fast one~~!!" And school opened already almost a week. Hate it, that comes to my mind, assignments.

My class has changed, addition from the Malacca and KLs branches students just because there is lack of facilities in third year sources to those in these branches. Another internal group in class formed. Hope it won't be as messy as last sem one. Hope there won't be any politic issues confront lorr..~

Lecturers are quite standard in third year, and they are not I think that So Bad Lar lecturers. Hoping stamford should increase their lecturer's in terms of well-mannered-attitude, and the ability to cope with students. "don't ever think that you are lecturer then you very big."+P
Today we are so exiting about who gonna teach us in our finance module. Rabbit was keep on repeating his name, in the sense, ok lar, can use the lecturer name to scold people somemore.

The lecturer name is SOHAIL AHMED.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaa!!~~~

can you imagine that the lecturer first first introduce himself.. " hey guys, my name is SOHAI~!

Of course, he did not say it, if not I;;ll laugh like hell.. hahahahahahahaha

another thing..> Yer, my ang pao money really little leh.. !" ~" samo this year my mom didn't give me any angpao(cash). She said I already spend a lot in my operation.. = =~ You think I wanted to spend it on my surgery one ah???!!~~

And ++ MY Gambling luck also damn bad. Already lose Dono RM30 . sien~~ >.<


Ik said...

yo yo
happy valentine's day!
and dont laugh at ur lecturer...if not...u knwo the consequences

ashleyteng said...

happy valentine day..
yalor your lecturer's name a bit '' sohai'' lah hehe

Eddy said...

happy cny and Vday...

Rabbit said...

wei u so bad lah. not i keep mentioning one kay! kekeke!