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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just work like a Siu Lai Lai

bEING 100% of tendency to blog today. muAHahahaha~~ Just because something really interesting with 1% of wuliaoness. Don't ask me whether I got my job during the holiday. Yes. I have got one, and quite very stupid routinable one lor..

Very unfortunate, the fuel price increasing and others FMCGs are following. And, that this time I got a job. You think I still got choice to choose from company A to Z.. erm.. which company I wanna work har?? I want a very having got potential company one, I want to work hor.. very challenging work one.. bla bla bla..

Is there anyone gonna tell me I am still having this choice though?. No lor.. And, any one tell you that I am working so-hardworking and hell exhausted from morning till evening? (take a deep breath) ...

Anyone working in big companies? Are you seeking for promotion nowadays? Are you feeling very stress because of heavy work load?? You fade up of your staff that who not listen to you and you just feel wanna give them slaps on their faces? Do you feel that you are the most potential subordinate in your department and your boss might give you a position above?

Nah.. Stop bull shitting..~~

You got so hardworking o Not.. =P Don't tell me that everyday MSNing infront of your computer desk (not seen by your boss) and blogging and Facebooking are considered harworking, in contributing to your company? Do you know some companies' offices provide Karaoke spaces for their staff? (where where I wanna go?) Red-Box lar.. go work go work...

Go for hardworking in a company will let u easily got promoted. Might Be. But in this Asian especially South East Asian's culture, Staff are more to soft approach basically feminity and collective. And, even need a high degree of supervision. U got so hardworking if your boss not around you o not. ??

Yes, as a part of the company. We, the staff should get benefited of what you should provide to us. For example, Even if we demand for high class 5 star toilets which for staff to release their stress inside it. (eg. toilet is the best place to gossip as a mean to release stress by talking rumours)

But, besides potential subordinates in your company who consider hardworking, intelligent and smart in performing. Who else? Don't think those aunties are so reliable to perform well lor. Don't even think that they are "the one" who help you to negotiate businesses. They might just want to be relax-work-performance.. May be a "cafe" is their best place to rely on..

You might not know that a very traditional chinese companies and consider international, that I am working for. there is a polaristic of staff's behaviour. You can see serious and potential. And you can see one kind of Siu Lai working type.

Siu Lai working type will be:

"Aiya, we are all are Aunty-Aunty already lar.. So hardworking for what?? I oso no chance to get promotion liao.. ~ Oso no chance to get more increment in my work performance, I oni a clerk lar.. Why not I just have to be relaxed all the time,, Somemore the boss everyday oso Not around, Samo I work so many years liao. I still here.. No one dare to fire me oso.. I work here so long liao.. No need so hard work lar.. Let other people have the chance to work ma.. I don't fight work with them one.. So better relax.. "

Therefore, the company should provide N pounds of Milo and Tea for this SIU LAI group of staff. Because.. may be to appreciate their "aunty-contribution" lor (important grape vine)

So relax.... And, relax is very important OK. ! Because if the staff are working under pressure, it will affect their performance indeed. And, therefore, they need Milo to charge their energy almost at least 10 cups per day...

Sleep also important, as well as gossiping with others. Without these as an entertainment within a department. Staff wil not be motivated and inspired to work. In fact, soft approach of work attitude is considered the best working ethics in Asia (except Japan). You agree? No choice if you not agree. Cause.. That is what I am experiencing currently..

Just have to work like a Siu Lai Lai.. and your life will be very relax and enjoyable...

Do it!~ Trust me!~

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