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Monday, October 20, 2008

I no care anymore, What the Fuck of those assignments.

There is no point asking someone to save you from the burning fire. No. Not the bomba men.

I am only able to cry cry myself, water it with my spilt ,*pooi pooi myself and get the fire out.. *shoo shoo

I went to Genting today (whole day) Just to buy a consider-cheap McDonald compare Genting's and the normal market one, to my brother who is staying up there.

"Hello! Ah-mi ah? You come Genting ah? Buy McDonald for us... (Start asking his colleague want to order what set)" And the total with 9 sets of McD. Since when we become part-timers for McD who only deliver McD from KL to Genting???... And, I don't think those feller will pay my brother back lor...He claimed and blamed that McD in Genting is unlike the market one.

The breezing mong-cha-cha wheather really cooled me.. spend a whole day in outdoor theme park. Re-Sit.. Re-Sit .. Re-Ride..Re-Ride on those roller coaster again and again...

I don't think you might have this chance when you get your self up there during peak season. The person incharged there really see me O.O ... "Again?"

I took the 360 degrees twice, and those chap-balang thriller rides N times. Coz, it is quite no-people actually and did not need long huge queu.. Just Line there..

1. Queu up

2. Sit on it... wait wait wait the roller coaster to warm up..

3. then.. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.......Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

4. turn turn turn.....

5. Get down with that @@ look.

6. Queu up

7. Sit on it... wait wait wait the roller coaster to warm up..


In this progress..Do you really have time and mood for your Feng Shui project? Global Trade and FDI? or Gucci and LV strategy?... I don't think you still recognise your father mother during u scream like hell..... "Aaaaaahhhhh....Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!" huh..=.=''

i totally forgot that I have some commited work to do. No matter at home or at work. You just ride on it and feel like want to die and that's it. Then all your stress and pressure will come to an end. But, only a short moment for you to dyeing your mind.

Have Fun today , cause no long queu and really did exersice when I was cycling the boat.

So what the fuck you want to worry about the work. Sometimes, just be like a city people. Really stress but ready to release. Get stress.. release.. That's your life's roller coaster..

狮子魔女到高高去散心..想要把一切都喊掉..可是..散了个脑震荡.. @.@.. 晕~


Yinsi Yat said...

Cheh! why no ajak me wor!

spookygrace said...

yinsi: u can ride roller coaster many many times meh.. u still owe me something hor.. ~~