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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I wan to SHOUT!

I have no idea at all. My brain stuck. I am feeling that I kena bomoh-ed by someone. I never really used to act and be like this before. I have been so suey these days. That, I really really did not experienced these before. My luck changed? ggrr~~~..

  1. I have no idea why I spent my money so fast just like a switch on the pipe.. wait.. 2 seconds.. and gone few thousand. And, it is not the GFC's fault. I use to be very stingy stingy like hell. But, I can spent it just one blink.. *blink.. and all gone.
  2. I broke up just not I expected earlier and it comes so sudden. It was a shock that I never forget. It was a roller coaster.. Happy.> Sad.>Happy.>Sad.. Ended with faint faint.. blur eyes.
  3. A huge quarell situation among. Me, My Father, My mother.
  4. My mother pressed me to work for house's expenses which I don't think I am now to take this responsibility.
  5. Huge Fight With my dad cause his fault did not inform me that he was waiting outside the college gate. And, huge argument with him deal with his new handphone.
  6. Broke my lovely clinnelle mirror
  7. Miss the calls from cari survey.. my RM80 gone (Can u imagine that they call twice, and, U missed twice!!)
  8. I dropped my monokoro boo's handphone cover.
  9. I dropped my lovely Sunny pink doll.. Qing tian wawa.. I really miss it.
  10. The rejection from the centre. HAVE to wait
  11. YY jie~ No call me
  12. Fell down dono how many times or knock to the wall. Look like those tiny ghost keep kacau u.
  13. I lost my pictures which I saved! GonE!!!.. ggrrr~!
  14. I lost the documents which I have forgotten to save...ggrrr~!
  15. Waste three days three nights to do questionnaires still got mistakes...ggrrr~!
  16. Still got no Idea for the CGG. I really die die go die 2000 words.
  17. Not yet start Strategy
  18. Deleted Some useful msges.
  19. My computer is getting more lausy and lausy
  20. Feel so headache and tired all the while even though I am just awake from sleep.

Very Sien... really bad luck... Solution please!!

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