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Sunday, October 26, 2008


It is a great suspicious on my FATE. yES! my fate, not fat. I used to be so lucky and do things so smooth all the while. I have langsung the no idea what had/has/have been happening to me, on myself.

Thursday night. I started my project assignments around 11.00 pm. I love to sleep during the whole afternoon while being a night-cat to complete my tasks.

I click on my TauFooFar devise, and open my word format..

TNS! no matter how hard I click, my document can't be openned.

I discover that the type of my files all become EXE instead of Microsoft Word.

another shout of TNS.

I thought it was just a minor problem. Asking Friends to help me on it, cause I am an idiot, and they are the experts. How hard to try... oso canot lar..

No choice, but just switch my computer off and get to my bed back.

During in the midnight, 12.00 am. Reply on my phone, whose friend called me..

I answered the phone and keep mumbering...

He blurred :" tell me what had happened first"... oops, I lupa to introduce my situation.

I talk talk talk non-stop as well as he..


and I went..>

O.O ~~ O.O~~O.O~~O.O~~ O.O~~ WHAT THE FUCK!!! AN STUPID EXE VIRUS. this is really a serious matter~!!

and another friend help me to find solution on it till very late 4 am. Helping me to convert it.

No choice. have to wake up on friday and get to college to save my files..

If not I hv to re-do all almost 6000 over words...tmd

I rush to college.. and try to open.. But WTF i found is.. college's computers can open my file. But, I at home caNNot~~

i go save save safe safe save save safe safe~

And back it up at college's computer..

What happened to me.. I used to be very the super lucky. But, really bad lucks surrounding me.~

Any solutions for this please~ I want my LUCK back~@!@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all those help me in this..

Feon Ng
Jian Y.
Peng Hun (12.00 am)
Victor Sam (4.00 am)

1 comment:

Rabbit said...

aiyah no problem lah.

probably because of stress, we tend to feel very suay lately. i pula feel sien everyday.

le sigh.