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Friday, October 17, 2008

What the FCUK of student's life

I felt terrifically got shock of what one told me that I should be active in joining any of gathering and gatherings now. So sorry to tell out to the public I don't think a gethering will be so meaningful as you think.

A gathering might be very meaningfull for anyone,include me as well. But, no point wasting my energy and money to attend and social what might not be meaningful currently. Why just we go gathering at Mamak Stall and chat whole night. That considered as gathering as well. Group work no gathering meh? Everyday come to class see each other still want to gather for what.

Technology so useful nowadays, why not stay home and have a chat room and can do so many things at the same time. Spending money, out to supper and meet each other and talk cock do not mean it must be happened so often. Why not during free time? Why not follow the mood? Why other people so busying at life but you just busying calling all out to yam cha..?

Don't tell me to have a farewell gathering at this moment, cause *touch wood, I might not know that I am so the lucky to graduate from this course. Can't it be end of the semester? Or, just meet in the annual dinner also consider a gathering..

I also the one who not see my friends all, but, at least we still can chat online and really have time to come out. But, not that often. It really stupid that spending RM20 to have gathering at a high end hotel. I can eat RM2 sushi king with that amount full full.. Why not go sushi King gather then? A small group gang could be lar..

The most shockness thing is, a mentor/lecturer gives fully support on students to have this kind of gathering. Even, if you go for gather now they no need teach. Imagine if the whole class gone for gathering during class hour.. It is definitely not what I want to see.. O.O

Of course, we must enjoy our life during student life time. But, also take conscious to be prepared in the working life as well. it will be very stupid that one day your mom will come and tell you.. "Eh, you have to enjoy now lar, go shopping shopping lar, go Wet lar, don't so much study lar...enjoy your student life. "

O.O (I don't thInk my mom so guud)

I Am not those keen keen and SOo enthusiastic in these GATHERINGS stuff... waste money in this downturn economy, waste time which I can do many things during it.. bla bla bla...

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