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Friday, October 17, 2008

KLCC's Fish Tank

This post contain 18sx material.. (avoid scrolling down, i put it last last.)


You know what I am thinking now of those stupid hectic project and assignments.. I really will jump lor.. I say true one.. I sure will jump one.. Remember My name if i Jumped one day. And, no one follow me jump. Just put a bright name of mine.. "Memorable spookygrace the baroque witch" will be.

No point with that Ah Lian Look with Ah Lian attire, I really scared the shark will approach.

Me with White tiger.. (You do not know that KLCC's stuff is so damn expensive, it is not a real white tiger, and it costs like.. "real-tiger")

See fish fish surrounding behind me...

dng* dng* dng* dng* (shark-coming anthem) call it Anthem.. wakakkakaka..

these are my kai-zai, and kai-lui. They got name lor..

THEy are.. Do, Re, M,i Fa, So, La, Ti, DO, RE, MI,........etc...octaves.

turtle..... with pig nose..... I think it is more like a "Water-Fish"

Chipmunks!!! Chipmunks!!!!

this is Alvin

This is Simon.... Theodor still sleeping.. don't ka-jiao.

it reminds me Jurassic park...

it tastes yummy!!!!

"Get me Out from here"

Pao pAo face.. it looks so oo Potatoe.. >.<

Looking down...

Looking up...

I dropped it.. I miss it.. >.<>qing tian wawa

this is what i discovered in Kinokurnia.. Wonder why this on shelve... wahahahaha..

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