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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A harsh harsh~ hard hard life

My dad was keeping mention about the life is such as game. Yes, I know it. So, how to keep it well-managed to avoid game over will be another discussion.

Our life is not solely belongs to ourself, but, people and environment which surrounds us. Yes, the network. For example, what are the things or phenomenan which surrounds you now. Me? I am going to print my thesis soon, going to do the corporate strategy, read my exam topics, going to field trip and recently interviewed with few companies that I am looking for jobs.

However, your life is a game, you say. On the other hand, you might become a game for your life to. Or, you are one of the characters which God uses you to play his/her game. Vice Versa.

Honestly, my point in this post is to express my anxiety and worry in doing my job best. I have no idea which is this a right decision that I made. Yes, somehow, I wish to go Fuji Xerox and try the hell-working-post of logistic executive. Long working hours and worse than sweatshops. Stress and committed to time. Precise and correct analitical results to be produced. And, firstly, your work sure will from 7.30 till late 9pm for a fresh new person who just go in.

I don't like to do sales as I hate to hit target monthly and approach the market that stresses me. Why don't I stress myself by just producing reports. Muahaha...

I have no idea.

I went to several companies and few of them demand for second round interview if I am the one who being shortlisted. It wastes my time as well theirs.

Anxiety and Worry, am I sustainable and mantainable enough to work in a full pressures kind of working life. Or, I just have to sit there and sipping my Milo drink.

I still choose the hard one. No matter 7.30am to 9.00pm, pay me RM1800.


that is my life..

it sounds stupid..

aiyo~ I dono I can tahan or Not lar~~~

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