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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too Busy yet too Free

I am crying for too busy and too free. I am supposed to be happy to attend any interviews. !@$$$#^%^*#$!#!.

I am really feel siick of interviews and agencies' call. They actually don't read what are my qualifications and the notice period also my expected salary.

Yes, I admit that sometimes I might just simply click on their post to apply. They do not provide specific job locations, specific responsibilities and scopes for us to refer. All will feel no point but just click on it and try the luck. Just wait their responses and may be it might be a good company.

For instance, one agency called for whether I am looking a job in a banks. Definitely I asked what banks. "Top 4 local banks" she said. Since I got no interest they are not going to tell any of it and then keep it secret. AND, they did not read my resume that I only available after December and wtf was they need me to start immediately. The last word that I always say when answering this kind of phone will "BYE BYE". I have sicked of it..

I just want to complete the entire interviews within this week and I am not going to attend any interviews anymore. Wish I could find one after the new year.


and now I do feel so heavy head. Headache of printing out their location maps and wonder where is the place. Feel like vomit. Sigh~.

Today consider a last day for the CGG dr Chan's class. I do not know that I should happy or sad. But, just acknowledge that I could be happy after all I consider to leave the school soon and might be, hopefully. Excitement where there is still a long way to go. I am totally blurred, stucked and sicked of searching jobs that is most suitable for myself. Hope I am not the one supposed to be picky, still I have to be fussy in choosing jobs. Certain, I do not want to end my entire life without a little bit of nothing.


Have a shower and nice sleep.


Happy holiday and merry Christmas everyone.

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