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Saturday, December 13, 2008

my secondary life~

Wonder where is your ugly white and light blue uniforms had gone. I dumped it after finished my SPM four years ago. I still remember I owned 3 uniforms and 1 baju kurung. I hated to school but probably only travel to tuition centre. That's my secondary school life. I don't study. Most probably had well commanded in only few subjects like maths, accounts, economics and add maths. Sometimes, science and sejarah (history). Definitely think moral is unnessasry, and wtf is this sujbect teaching.

We was so exciting when Yuka first came here and joined our class. take picture~ take picture~

from left: me, ah lian, ah leng, yuka, ah yoke, yu teng, and yee teng.. (all are super old names)

Everyone was definitely an ah lian.

This was when form 5. I don't know whether it was Hari Guru or whatever function. But, I remember that we were going to a trip after this.

I got a super long hair during my ah lian century. Yes, the left one...

wonder where was I looking for..

This was in Form 5. Took the photo just after I chopped my hair. Just wanted to keep a photo to get a sweet memoirs for the SPM. = =

From left: me, ah leng, wai ting, ah lian, yee teng, ah yoke, maggie~~ muakakaka~

We have so many "ah teng"s in my secondary school.

this was when the traditional dance. IT IS NOT A GHOST STORY SCENE~ = =


Ashleyteng said...

hey i miss our secondary school life now... i don't have all the photos ehhh...

Jeannie said...

Huaa!!! Pesta Tanglung!!!! Miss it so soo much!! I wonder how it became now..