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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I hate UEL Direct Login

I hate it! Hate!

I remembered that I have sent several contact enquiry forms to the Web Team to require a brand new password to login(What so called- IT Helpdesk). Yet, no reply and I thought it was technical problems or due to some maintance. I resent few times again and again. Highlighted that it is urgent for me to view the modules results for my future interviews.

I got fed of it. They then reply:

"I have replied to you, and this is the second time, please refer to your previous email."

WTF. Of course I did not receive anything and thus "enquiries" several times. What for I refer to my previous mail? There is no previous mail either. I wonder which stupid ang moh lang was answering this. If you really did send me the new password, why don't you send me again to my mail and proved that you have sent?


from another may be lengchai or not angmohlang..

" Hi, can you please fill in the details such as your names, your Id number?"

Another WTF. I am sure definitely I attached my full details to you before I sent, what for I sent it without purpose. The most funniest thing is.. He replied that with my "FULLY ATTACHED DETAILS" which is shown below his replied mail. Do you have something call like "eye-sight-problem"? Or, you feel lazy to roll your mouse down to view my fully attached details?

I am thinking it is definitely a failure to them. Are they in the "really-serious-problem" of having this economy downturn or recession problem har? Or, they purposely do it? Just don't make fun of us, we are innocent lar...

I really hate it as it is not efficient and effective at all..This is the first time I come to it. Keep scolding, WTF.

Don't expect me to call them. No way from Malaysia to London.. WTF!

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