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Saturday, December 06, 2008

just.. STOP it..

aiyai..pei pei.. stop crapping and bullshit of your stupid Ex. Get back to normal and be your own. Where's the spookygal gone?

Be happy because of courage..


I love to watch and read TWILIGHT. Still waiting the chance to pass by my side. And see whether I can catch it.

Doesn't it sound very weird of a love story of vampie and normal human. It might be romantic. But, it might be boring as well...

I hate watching love stories without plots or specific contents. Yet, I expect to learn something from it. Learn what har? don't think.... duh

No lar, just feel this kind of life might not happen to me again.

Now? Just try to stuck in every stupid work and assignment. >.<

Then, work...

I am actively searching a job..

RM5000 as a fresh graduate... Who wants to hire me? Who wants to hire me?


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